Sustainability is a globally relevant topic that impacts on every aspect of every business, and needs to be implemented within a strategic context. Beyond its obvious focus on the environment, sustainability also concerns itself with employees and earnings. This is known as the sustainability triple bottom line, i.e., “Planet / People / Profit”, or Environment / Social / Governance, “ESG”.

Worldwide, customers, suppliers, and regulators are demanding businesses achieve all three pillars of sustainability, i.e., the environment, social, and governance pillars.

The AgriChain Centre has experience in successfully completing strategic activity and projects to help clients with all three aspects of their sustainability plans, whether these are domestically or internationally focused. This includes working with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), the globally recognised sustainability framework that is also influencing the requirements placed on New Zealand businesses by the New Zealand Government.

The AgriChain Centre has experience in sustainability projects for:

Envrionment, sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

This covers all aspects of business that impact the environment. This includes carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, resource depletion, pollution, and waste production & management.

Social Sustainability, Social License, New Zealand Marae

Social Sustainability

This covers all aspects of business that impact people. This includes human rights, worker rights, stakeholder engagement, and Health & Safety.

Governance, Sustainability, IFPS Director meeting

Governance Sustainability

This covers all aspects of business that impact its successful ongoing operation. This includes governance & leadership structures, regulatory compliance, finances, ethics, and integrity.

We can support you no matter where in the fresh produce supply chain your business operates.

When you need to work on your sustainability, whether in the environment, social, or governance space, we can help.

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