The challenge with knowledge is that we do not necessarily know what we do not know!
How do we then find out what it is that we do need to know?


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The AgriChain Centre can enhance your knowledge with:

  • Our HortSource Blog
  • Fair and Sustainable Produce Pricing – The Book
  • Technical Papers
  • Strategic Planning
  • Working with the Dutch Produce Industry
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Mentoring

Our HortSource Blog

The musings of our team on all things horticultural – as well as related matters our blogger feels the urge to share his thoughts on.

Fair and Sustainable Produce Pricing – The Book

Fair and sustainable prices are critical for the fresh produce industry. We are not there yet.

Technical Papers

The world does not stand still and neither does the generation of new knowledge.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is an essential building block for success in agribusiness. With it comes the need for realistic and actionable business plans.

Value Chain Analysis

Each business participating in a fresh food value chain has their own particular expertise & competencies, and therefore the ability and potential to add value.


Knowledge is there to be shared. Mentoring & coaching are two very effective ways to ensure knowledge gained is not lost.