Verification of MPI Phytosanitary Certificates

The AgriChain Centre is an Independent Verification Agency (IVA) with the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) and we are authorised to provide Phytosanitary Certification Services.

Phytosanitary Certificates are the official documents assuring the regulatory authorities of the importing country that the produce received from the exporting countries meet all the importing country’s plant health requirements. These certificates are printed on special security paper, the distribution of which is controlled by MPI and managed by an IVA, with MAOs typically printing these certificates directly at their premises.

An IVA verifies electronically the accuracy and correctness of Phytosanitary Certificates produced by MAOs. The use of security paper and the verification process are necessary steps to reduce the risk of certificate fraud to a minimum.

For organisations that do not have “Printing Phytosanitary Certificates” included in their scope, the IVA can produce them on their behalf, provided that all of the supporting documents are available and requirements are met.

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