Project Management – Where Detail Matters

Project Management is a management discipline in its own right, and not something to be done in a spare ten minutes, between finishing one task and starting the next.

Attention to detail is a critical aspect of successful project management. Get it wrong, and the result may well be similar to the situation expressed in this photo – a house which does not know which street it belongs to, or what its number is – which, in this case, makes for very confused posties!

The AgriChain Centre has extensive experience in scoping, initiating, managing and successfully conducting business projects in the agribusiness industry.

Recent projects have included:

  • Supplier Climate Survey for a major retail group.
  • Review of Pacific Nations Biosecurity Activities for a government agency.
  • Alignment of a returnable plastic crate (RPC) provider’s cleaning processes with current food safety regulations.

A business needs to grow or it will wither. Growth does not occur in isolation but requires planning. Planning remains a theoretical activity unless it is carried out within the framework of a business project. Project management is a skilled activity that one does not master overnight.  We can help.

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United Fresh Technical Advisory Group

The AgriChain Centre has had a long association with United Fresh, the pan industry association of the New Zealand produce industry.

Samoa Cocoa Industry Development Initiative

The goal of the Samoa Cocoa Export Development Initiative is to ensure sustainable growth of the cocoa sub-sector through increased investment.

Previous Projects

We are pleased to share with you some insights from our previous projects across the Pacific, New Zealand, and elsewhere.