Food Safety

Our Food Safety Offer

All produce businesses need to comply with the Food Act 2014. Any business involved in producing, manufacturing, packaging, transporting, storing or distributing food now requires a Food Safety Programme.  Just exactly what it is that companies do require depends on where they fit in the food value chain.

Our Food Safety Offer focuses on where Food Safety fits at the strategic level within our clients’ businesses. We can assist you to understand your obligations and opportunities in this area and help you to identify, structure and implement the Food Safety related processes that apply to your business.  This will allow to focus on your core business with the knowledge that your market and regulatory compliance requirements are up to date and are unlikely to provide you with an unpleasant surprise.

One of the determining factors in deciding how much ongoing support your business needs in relation to Food Safety is the degree of existing Food Safety expertise the business already employs.  Management Reviews and  Gap Assessments are critical to understanding the need for support.

Food Safety compliance is an increasingly complex part of being in business.  Being on top of the current legislation and regulations, providing you with Food Safety advice, service and training  and supporting your daily business through ensuring Food Safety compliance is our core business.

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