Export Verification – IVA

The Work Of An Independent Verification Agency

Blueberry IVA Inspection
The AgriChain Centre Team performing a IVA phytosanitary inspection of blueberries for export

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) appoints Independent Verification Agencies (IVA).  An Independent Verification Agency therefore undertakes services under delegated authority on behalf of the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI). An IVA evaluates, audits, and monitors the activities of exporters, to ensure that they are complying with MPI’s regulatory requirements.

The AgriChain Centre needs to follow MPI’s instructions and rules when working as an IVA because the work is being carried under delegated authority.    MPI uses IVAs to provide information and services for exporters; for instance,  destination country requirements, ePhyto requests and verification, phytosanitary inspection, and pest surveys.

The scheme is based on the New Zealand Plant Exports Certification Standards which outline requirements that parties involved in exporting plants or plant products, such as fruits and vegetables need to meet.

The AgriChain Centre’s IVA services focus on the Horticulture/Fresh Produce Industry, because the core competencies of the company’s senior management team are based on Horticulture. 

The AgriChain Centre’s IVA services are in strong demand, as we assist exporters to meet all relevant requirements in a consistent, cost effective and compliant manner. Our offer includes:

  • Evaluation and/or audit of Ministry Approved Organisation (MAO) systems
  • Phytosanitary / Endpoint Inspection
  • Verification and printing of MPI Phytosanitary Certificates

If you are exporting fresh produce and you need to appoint an IVA, then do not  hesitate to contact us. You could be a packhouse, a freight forwarder or an MAO handling/assessing export produce. Our highly competent post-harvest team offers a professional and timely service. If you purely rely on IVA services for end point inspections then we will also carry these out, as required.

ICPR Requirements

Fresh produce exporters need to meet the requirements specified in the MPI Certification Standards and Importing Country Phytosanitary Requirements (ICPRs).


For more information, or to discuss your requirements, please contact us, or freephone 0800 24 74 24.

Evaluation and/or audit of Ministry Approved Organisation (MAO) systems

To be approved as an MAO, an applicant has to write an Operating System which need to be evaluated by an IVA.

Phytosanitary / Endpoint Inspection

IVAs and MAOs have been approved as appropriately qualified service providers to inspect produce on MPI’s behalf.

Verification and printing of MPI Phytosanitary Certificates

The AgriChain Centre is an Independent Verification Agency (IVA), authorised to provide Phytosanitary Certification Services.