Samoa Cocoa Industry Development Initiative

The goal of the Samoa Cocoa Export Development Initiative is to ensure sustainable growth of the cocoa sub-sector through increased investment.

In particular, the Initiative aims to increase returns to cocoa farmers, as well as to increase the volume of cocoa exports through a sustainable production and quality management base.


An industry led programme, in co-ordination with Samoan Government agencies.

Delivery partners and support from:

The outcomes we want to achieve

  • Healthier trees producing more cocoa pods at harvest
  • Samoan cocoa meets international best practice standards
  • Sustainable and profitable supply partnerships with international chocolate manufacturers
  • Samoan farmers, industry and the Samoan economy earn more money from an expanded cocoa export sector
  • A globally well connected, highly co-ordinated Samoan cocoa industry

Find out more

Find out about The Four Samoan Cocoa Opportunities.

Download free issues of the Koko Bulletin (PDF).
We aim to publish a Koko Bulletin at least quarterly to keep you updated and informed about the Initiative’s progress.

The Project Team

  • Dr Hans Maurer
  • Hobart Va’ai
  • Melanie Trotman
  • Jacob Lawes


Samoa Chamber of Commerce
1st Floor, Sanalele Complex
Vaea Street
Saleufi. P.O. Box 2014.
Tel: (685) 31090.
Fax: (685) 31089.
Cell: (685) 7748426.

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