Produce Surveys

Produce Surveys

We have  a vast range of experience in all aspects of the produce business from production, post-harvest handling, quality assurance, quality control, wholesale and retail. We provide services to importers, supermarket retailers, exporters and growers. We carry out produce surveys at industry facilities in Auckland and Christchurch, and are able to assess any produce, covering the range from Avocados to Zucchinis.

Our Auckland survey team is based in Mt Wellington. The driving distance from our Mt Wellington office to the wholesalers’ trading floors and the retail distribution centres can be measured in minutes! This means we can provide critical information when perishable fruit and vegetable quality needs to come under the spotlight.

Our team is also available for surveying produce at grower premises prior to dispatch.

We carry out a Detailed Produce Survey & Technical Analysis when the purchaser needs to assess a shipment for potential damage or significant quality concerns, or for negotiation with the exporter, where a formal report suitable to be presented to third parties, such as an insurance broker, is required.

For more information, please contact us, or freephone 0800 24 74 24.