Strategic Planning & The Primary Industry Sector

Strategic Planning & The Primary Industry Sector

Without strategic planning, being in business often feels like being truly  under siege. Of course, being in business has its challenges. And no; one will never be able to anticipate all possible eventualities correctly. It does help though to work to a plan which has a little more depth than, “It is Monday today. What shall I be doing this afternoon?”. The jury is, of course,  out on what is an appropriate planning horizon, because the saying, “the best laid plans of mice and men…” , has not come about by accident.

Nevertheless, a robust and common sense based strategic plan provides a degree of overarching guidance to any business and creates the framework and the road map for the day to day decision making we cannot do without. Strategic planning is therefore an essential building block for success in agribusiness.

The AgriChain Centre has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the wider agribusiness industry. We are able to use our expertise to assist clients with strategic planning and the formulation of realistic and actionable business plans. In addition, we conduct business feasibility and situation assessment studies for companies and industry organisations. These studies address the key challenges that agribusiness firms face, including:

  • The increasing complexities of distribution and logistics
  • Radical change to business through new information system opportunities
  • Convergence of technology
  • Turning commodities into “knowledge economy” proof products
  • The impact of Big Data
  • Adoption of Risk Management Models
Our Offer

AgriChain Centre business plans are client focused, realistic, free of unnecessary jargon and are action orientated. Furthermore, our Deliverables are agreed upon with clients prior to commencement.  Similarly, we are available to peer review plans you have developed with a critical eye, to suggest improvements and additional options you might not have considered.

In conclusion, get in touch with The AgriChain Centre, for actionable business plans, based on common sense and sound business acumen.

If you would like more information about how we can help you, please contact our Team, or freephone 0800 24 74 24.