Our Approach To Value Chain Analysis

“No man is an island… every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main.”

These famous lines from a poem by John Donne (1624), an English metaphysical poet, priest and lawyer are an almost perfect descriptive on how value chains need to be constructed and made to work in order to be successful.

Each business participating in a fresh food value chain has its own particular set of expertise and competencies and therefore the ability and potential to add value. Not every organisation can necessarily be part of every chain, due to competitive circumstances and conflicts of interest.

Competent organisations will create their own future through the chain that is right for them.  No one supply chain partner can in the long term expect to control the entire chain, as chain complexity will grow beyond one link’s ability to dominate the others.”

Yet Are We Really Advancing At The Rate We Should?

Do we fully understand the drivers that create sustainable value to successful fresh food demand chains?

Can identified drivers deliver a robust process that can consistently be applied across the multitude of sectors making up the fresh food industry?

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