Sustainable Food & Fibre Futures Project

The New Zealand Produce Industry understands Food Safety cannot be negotiable. The increasing speed and complexity of fresh produce supply chains has increased the risk of fresh produce related illnesses occurring significantly. It is therefore in our industry’s interest to proactively improve fresh produce traceability through the domestic supply chains.

In 2018, United Fresh and The AgriChain Centre were successful in gaining the support of the then MPI Sustainable Farming Fund (SFF) to investigate the traceability practices in the domestic fresh produce
supply chain and finding ways to improve it.

A typical SFF project structure consists of several milestones, delivered over a period of time, culminating in a new insight, realisation or learning that can then be actioned by the industry or industry sub-sector involved in the project.

Our SFF Project 405482, Effective Fresh Produce Traceability Systems, works to the same principles. The first Milestone, a publically released Literature Review examines the need for a effective Traceability system for produce, and is available here. The most recent Milestone, the Final Industry Guidelines have also been published here.

This project is scheduled to complete the final Milestone in 2021.