Dr Hans Maurer chairing group mentoring session at Oxford

Knowledge is there to be shared. Mentoring & coaching are two very effective ways to ensure knowledge gained is not lost and over the years the senior members of The AgriChain Centre team have increasingly worked in this area, both on a group as well as an individual basis. Sometimes this involves a trip down the motorway to Pukekohe to work with individual produce growers. Or it could mean chairing a mentoring sessions for business graduands in the UK. Mentoring has also meant working with onion and strawberry growers in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea or guiding the establishment of the Samoa Koko Industry Association.

Knowledge management has undergone fundamental changes since the emergence of the Internet. Brick & mortar based institutions such as Universities and Polytechnics are having to redefine who they are and what they do. Prospective students and learners are being offered options these days that are both exciting and confusing in their breadth, scope and density at the same time.

Online learning is no longer an exotic option for cyber nerds but an increasingly mainstream pathway for learners to choose from. Established and respected institutions compete with innovative newcomers to offer learning opportunities fit for the 21st century. The life long learning concept is being accepted as the new norm. The gap between learning and education regulators and the market place where employers are needing a workforce that is equipped with the skill to deal with today’s rather than yesterday’s challenges is ever increasing.

Mentoring Session for strawberry growers in the Papua new Guinea Highlands

Advances in technology now open up further opportunities to share knowledge and offer mentoring services. Hans Maurer’s expertise is now also available via the Agribusiness Academy, an exciting new learning and knowledge sharing initiative that allows an entirely customized learning experience. For more details, please visit the Agribusiness Academy Homepage.

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